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  • Raspberry Pi Model B Plus & Raspberry Pi 2 Black Case Cover Shell Enclosure Box ABS box

Raspberry Pi Model B Plus & Raspberry Pi 2 Black Case Cover Shell Enclosure Box ABS box

  • Model: Raspberry Pi
  • SKU: 0108
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The Raspberry Pi is everybody\\\'s favourite little computer and it just got an upgrade! The B+ is here and SB Components has come up with a new case to protect it. These cases protect the Raspberry Pi B+ from things like rogue wires that might short it out while still allowing full access to the board! Simply snap the Pi into the bottom half of the enclosure, then snap the two halves together.


The enclosure is made out of a tough ROHS certified material providing easy access to power, audio/video, USB, LAN, microSD, DSI display adaptor, GPIO and camera connector. It features feet and vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling, and plus-shaped wall mounting slots. This is a really slick case and once you\\\'ve gotten your hands on a Raspberry Pi B+ , you\\\'ll want to snag one of these to put it in!




Tested on the Raspberry Pi Model B+

Easy GPIO Cut-Out' access (for anyone wanting to use a break-out board)

Two-part Raspberry Pi case with pinch locking/unlocking

Snap-fit mounting holds the Pi securely

Access to all Pi connectors incl: Power, Video/Audio, USB, LAN, microSD card, GPIO

Air vents for keeping Raspberry Pi cool


No screws or assembly required

Wall Mount Feature

Raspberry Pi B+ not included





The case is made of ABS material.


Dimension: 9.5cmx6.2cmx2.7cm

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